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Carpet Buying Guide

If you are looking for help when buying new carpet, you are in the right place!  As we stock a broad range of suppliers, we offer impartial advice. Click on the tabs below to find out more!

Room Guide

Bedroom carpets tend to get the least amount of wear, so the choice is greater and products can be tailored for any budget.  Longer piled carpets are a great option for bedrooms to help give warmth underfoot.  We have a huge variety of carpets available in every colour possible!

Usually the busiest room of the house so a hardwearing, duarble carpet is recommended. There are a range of practicle solutions on the market and many now offer stain resistance and allow for bleach cleaning to make it even easier to deal with any spillages. 

Another busy room where a harder wearing carpet is normally recommended with easy cleaning properties.  The dining room is often the most decorated room so choose from our extensive range of coloured carpet - or maybe try a striped option.

The first thing seen in most homes, and normally the area that attracts most foot traffic. Hardwearing durable carpet is always recommended for the hallway.  Bespoke runners can be made from any carpet and we offer a carpet edging service.

Stairs and landings take a lot of wear as well, so again, a heavy domestic rated carpet is strongly recommended. Combining a stripe on the stairs with a contemporary plain carpet in the hall is a clever and practical way to add interest to a functional area. A stair runner is also a clever means of introducing colour and pattern.

Contray to popular belief, you can have carpet in your bathroom!  There are specific, water resistant backed carpets available in a range of colour options.

Carpet Types

There are a range of carpet types, styles and contruction options available which will all have an effect on the performance and wear. We will help guide you to make the best choice for your needs whether you are carpeting one room or your whole home.

Shorter pile carpets generally wear better than long pile carpets and these factors need to be taken into consideration. 

Wool has always been regarded as the best option for wear and comfort, but over the years, better synthetic fibres have been developed to closely match the benefits of wool whilst having the added bonus of being bleach cleanable and stain resistant.

Below is a short description of the main carpet types and their benefits:

Fibres are twisted together to provide a tough, durable surface.  Ideal for all areas of the home.

Smooth finished fibres creating a luxurious and heavy duty carpet.

Rugged and stong fibres looped to provide a carpet suitable for any room of the home.  Not an ideal choice for home owners with clawing cats!

Deep, luxurious pile, often purchased for a lounge or bedroom to provide warmth underfoot.

Usually has a smooth velvet surface with excellent appearance retention.


We recommend that new underlay is bought with every carpet. The reasons for this are:

  • Underlay is vital for a new carpet to sit properly and wear evenly
  • It improves the feel of the carpet underfoot and helps with that ‘luxury’ feel
  • It increases heat and sound insulation and can reduce energy

Size Calculator

Please note that this is a guide only and additional allowances may be required.

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