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Should you install carpet in your kitchen?

27th August 2020
Should you install carpet in your kitchen?

Carpets in the home are a classic choice for many reasons; They look great, provide a wonderfully soft surface and come in an almost endless choice of style, piles, colours, finishes and price points – and are said to work well in any room of the home. However, are they the right choice of flooring for your kitchen?

Pros and Cons of having carpet in your kitchen


A carpet is soft and offers protection, whether it’s against low temperatures or accidents. If you drop a glass on a tiled floor, it will most likely break, however the chances of this happening are significantly reduced when using a carpeted floor.

A carpet on the kitchen floor can sometimes make the room feel more inviting and warmer - and since the kitchen is a social space nowadays, that’s a welcomed plus.


Carpets in the kitchen would require regular maintenance. Think of all the common household products that you use in your kitchen, such as ketchup, mayonnaise and hot cooking oil – these are all product that can quite easily stain and discolour the carpet and are often quite difficult to remove, making the choice of carpet a time-consuming decision.

When deciding whether to install carpet in your kitchen, it will likely come down to practicality vs aesthetics. If you spend a significant amount of social time in your kitchen and achieving a warming atmosphere is important to you, you might be happy to sacrifice a few hours per week on cleaning and maintaining. However, if you would prefer not to, you may want to opt for hard flooring instead. Whatever you decide, choose your flooring wisely!

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