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Bed Buying Guide

Buying a bed can be a daunting prospect so we recommend you do some research before making a purchase. When you think about how much time you spend in bed, it is vital to make the right choice.

Each of our bed shops display a large range of mattresses, beds and frames. Our expert staff members can help ensure your selection meets your needs rather than just your budget.

We encourage our customers to try our beds in our stores. Put your feet up and spend as much time as you need before making a choice.

We will help ensure you choose for correct support and comfort for your weight and build – not just firmness.

There will obviously be factors to consider prior to making a purchase such as cost, size, colour, drawer and storage options, the requirement to turn a matress etc.

We encourage our customers to try our beds in our stores. Put your feet up and spend as much time as you need before making a choice.


THINK BIG - larger beds are more comfortable and you're less likely to disturb your partner

Mattress types

Finding the right mattress for your needs is where we excel.  There are two main types of mattress - sprung and non sprung. There are many options within these categories, each with different qualities that will determine the correct mattress for you.  Most mattresses have a choice of tensions to offer the best support during your sleep.

There are two main options:

Open coil/open sprung

Mattresses contain a caged spring system to provide an all round supportive feel.  The most common type of mattress suiting all budgets.

Pocket Spring

Each spring is individually sewn into it's own pocket.  Allows for your weight to be evenly ditributed accross the surface of your body.

There are four options:

Memory Foam

A layer of heat sensitive foam built on the top layer of the mattress.  The foam is responsive and moulds to the shape of your body.


Mattresses include a layer of gel providing additional support and excellent breathability.

Latex Foam

Similar to memory foam, except the mattresses are made using natural latex properties.

Vacuum Packed

Rolled and packed for easy transportation.  Simply unroll and leave to regain its natural shape.

You get what you pay for – both in product and service – so spend as much as you can afford

Bed Bases

There are several base options to consider.  Bases can be purchased without a mattress and the main types are as follows:

The most popular bed base.  Available in a range of sizes with and without storage.  Available in a choice of colours and fabrics.

We can order a large variety of bedsteads and all stores display an extensive range.  Available in a number of finished (wooden, metal etc) with vast colour and design options.

Specifically made to offer support and assist movement. In some cases, VAT may be exempt on the purchase price subject to conditions.

These are a popular option for parents and children. They are fun, practical and space saving.  We display models in store and are able to order in from a range of suppliers.

These are an optional extra to give you more choice but often co-ordinate with a divan base.

Size Calculator

Please note that this is a guide only and additional allowances may be required.

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