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4 Things to consider for a bedside table

12th February 2019
4 Things to consider for a bedside table

From size to storage, our furniture experts break down the essentials of how to pick the perfect bedside table

What’s top of your list when it comes to a bedside table? Most people simply look for one that will fit in their room, but there’s far more to consider. Once you know everything you want in a bedside table, it becomes a lot easier to actually choose one: read on for our guide of how to narrow down what you need.


The height of your bedside table matters. If it’s too tall or too short, it’s going to be awkward to use next to your bed, so it’s important to consider how high your bed is and work from there. Remember to measure the height of your bed before you go shopping for a bedside table, so you’ll be sure to get one that is the right height.

Surface size

Equally, the width of a bedside table matters, especially if you’re trying to place it against a wall. The surface size of the bedside table is important: you want to be able to have room for the essentials but it’s not necessary to have a bedside table any bigger than that. Work out how much space you want by the side of your bed so that you can find something that suits your requirements accordingly.


Looks matter when it comes to your room. It’s important to choose furniture that suits the vibe of your bedroom, whether that means picking a wood that matches the bed and wardrobe or choosing a minimal style to blend into the rest of the environment. Deciding what will fit in best with the rest of your bedroom should make it a lot easier to choose a bedside table.

Storage space

It’s important to consider the storage space of any item of furniture. When it comes to a bedside table though, you can start to compartmentalise your belongings; the top drawer is usually reserved for your most precious possessions, but having multiple drawers can be extremely useful for storage, especially if you don’t have much space in your room.

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