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Avoid committing these common carpet care crimes

28th January 2020
Avoid committing these common carpet care crimes

It’s amazing how a brand-new carpet can transform a room into an oasis of style and comfort. Of course, you’ll want to keep that fresh flooring feeling for as long as possible, so to help you do just that, the carpet experts at Carpet Barn, the South's leading supplier of quality flooring, share the most common crimes against proper carpet care.

Setting the beater bar on your vacuum too low

While it may seem that putting your vacuum’s beater bar on its lowest setting will get your carpet sparkling clean, it will actually cause excessive wear and tear which, over time, will leave your carpet looking old and worn long before it should.

Using harsh cleaning chemicals

Unless your carpet states that it is bleach cleanable, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean it. Always use appropriate cleaners that have been designed to work with carpets to avoid any discolouration or even melting of the fibres and make sure you patch test any products first.

Using lots of water

Saturating your carpet with lots of water should always be avoided. A soggy, wet carpet will trap moisture deep inside the fibres so even when it feels dry, it may still be hoarding some dampness which leads to mould, mildew and, eventually, rot.

Rubbing the carpet to clean up a spill

When something spills on the carpet, it’s usually our first instinct to grab a cloth and start frantically rubbing at the stain. However, this is one of the top carpet mistakes as rubbing the substance actually forces it deeper into the pile, spreading the stain and making it harder to clean. Instead, dab or scrape away the spill with an uncoloured cloth and then treat the area with a specialist carpet cleaner.

Leaving high traffic areas exposed

When left unprotected, areas of your carpet that have lots of feet pitter pattering over them can quickly wear away, leaving your flooring looking patchy and old. However, there is a simple solution that stops this uneven wear and tear – placing a pretty rug or runner over areas of your carpet that suffer from high levels of foot traffic, like doorways.

Not vacuuming enough

Aside from letting nasty carpet bugs thrive, not vacuuming your carpet enough will wear your carpets out much faster than you’d like. That’s because particles such as dust, dirt, oils and debris get worked into the carpet’s fibre, weighing it down and wearing it away. We recommend vacuuming at least once a week, and even more if you have pets.

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