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Carpet Buying Guide

A carpet isn’t just for walking over. Because you can see it from nearly every spot in your room, it has an immense impact on how well your overall design ties together.

Switching out your old carpet for a new one can totally transform how your room looks and feels, but it’s a daunting decision. With thousands of different colours, materials, and designs to choose from, trying to pick the right one can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Carpet Barn have specialised in carpets for over 45 years. In this guide, we go over everything you need to consider when buying the ideal carpet for your home, including pile height, durability, design, and more!


How your carpet looks influences the entire design style of your room, so it’s important to get it right.


Thanks to their versatility, neutral shades are the most popular choice for carpets. Colours like beige and grey work well because they can be paired with a wide array of colour palettes, from cool blues and greens to warm yellows and oranges. A neutral shade also lets you easily switch up your room's colour scheme without having to replace the whole carpet.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however. More distinctly coloured carpets can create an unmatched sense of style and atmosphere - just imagine a moody, gothic-style bedroom with a sumptuous Tobago Crimson Kiss carpet!

There’s also brightness to consider. In general, lighter colours tend to make the room seem open and spacious, while darker colours create a more intimate feel. Because dark colours are good at hiding stains, they tend to be a better choice for spaces with high foot traffic (like staircases and vestibules) - for example, our Bermuda Cool Slate carpet would be ideal for a sleek, modern staircase. Lighter shades - like the Fuerteventura Snow 2 - may work better in a lounge or reading room.


Although most carpets you find nowadays are plain, there are still plenty of patterned carpets out there.

A patterned carpet can add a classic, opulent touch to your room, but if placed poorly, risks looking dated. It’s a good idea to consider the overall style of your home - if you live in a traditional-style house, a patterned carpet can complement and enhance your existing decor, while a more contemporary apartment would look better with something more simple. Plain carpets can also be spruced up with a stylish rug, if you’re worried it will look too bland.

For example, the patterned Lifestyle Lakeside carpet would add a charming touch of tradition to a classic property, while the simple Madeira Supreme Greystone would emphasise a newer property’s cool and contemporary edge.


Now that you’ve got an idea of how you want your carpet to look, it’s time to think about how you want it to feel!


Carpets can be soft, rough, spongey, firm, and everything in between. This largely depends on its fabric and density, as well as the underlay you choose to go underneath it.

If luxury is what you’re after, a wool carpet simply can’t be beaten. Despite a high level of durability, wool is incredibly soft, sumptuous, and comforting to the touch. It is easy to clean and retains its pile height well, meaning it can be placed in even high-traffic areas without wearing out. It isn’t always the most budget-friendly option, however.

Man-made carpets are a more affordable alternative, offering an excellent fusion of performance and aesthetics. They are usually made of nylon, polypropylene, or polyester, although some feature a blend of fabrics.

Because most modern carpets are made of man-made materials, there is an abundance of colours and designs available. They are usually as easy to clean and durable as wool, although at a much lower price point. On the other hand, their specific lifespan depends on their materials - some fabrics will be more at risk of flattening than others.


Put simply, the ‘pile’ of a carpet refers to how thick it is. A high pile is softer and more luxurious underfoot, while a low pile is steadier and more durable.

A carpet with a high pile is better suited to low-traffic areas like bedrooms and living rooms, as it may flatten if placed somewhere that sees more footfall. Conversely, a carpet with a low pile works best on staircases, hallways, and vestibules.

Because they are less likely to trap in dirt and allergens, low pile options are ideal for people with allergies or those looking to save time on cleaning.

You’ll also hear terms like ‘twisted’ and ‘looped’ piles thrown around. These refer to how the yarns that make up the surface of the carpet are styled. Twisted piles are fashionable and tend to be softer, while looped piles have a more textured look and are better at withstanding wear and tear.

twist pile carpet

Twist Pile

looped carpet

Loop Pile

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No matter the style or colour you’re looking for, we’re sure to have the perfect carpet for you.

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Carpet FAQS

Yes - we offer a free, no obligation, estimating service. Give us a call to book a day or fill in our 'Free Home Consultation' form and we'll call you back to arrange a convenient date.

Customers are welcome to take samples of carpets home without any charge – but all we ask is that you bring them back! For further advice about choosing a carpet to suit you, contact our team today!

With the purchase of any new carpet, we would strongly advise you to consider purchasing new underlay as it will extend the life of your carpet going forwards. The reuse of existing underlay is possible, but it can cause the carpet to flatten too quickly in areas of heavy use leaving you open to issues with wear.

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