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3 Tips for choosing the perfect headboard

23rd April 2019
3 Tips for choosing the perfect headboard

The right headboard makes an excellent focal point and brings all elements of your bedroom together. Here are 3 tips to help you choose the perfect headboard.

What is the headboard’s main function?

Is your headboard serving a decorative or practical function? Many people like to use their headboard as a back support whilst reading or watching TV in bed; if you think this is something that you’ll want to do often, then choosing a comfortable fabric or leatherette headboard is likely the best option for you. Alternatively, metal headboards and wooden headboards make excellent statement pieces if looks are more important to you.

Consider the size of your headboard

Headboards come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that’s a suitable size for your bed and room. The size of your room plays a big part when it comes to choosing a headboard; tall headboards tend to overcrowd smaller bedrooms but look great in bedrooms with high ceilings and lots of space. We stock headboards to suit all bed sizes, from small single beds all the way through to Super Kings, and in a range of styles and heights.

Think about design

Will the headboard you have in mind complement your existing décor? Unless you’re starting totally from scratch, you likely already have a wall colour, floor colour and other furniture to consider. A such, you need to ensure that your headboard doesn’t clash with these existing elements.

For example, if you have a modern, sleek and monochromatic bedroom design, investing in a wooden or brightly coloured headboard may look totally out of place. Equally, if your bedroom is more traditional, with lots of wooden furniture, then a leatherette or fabric headboard may ruin the overall look you were originally going for.

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