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4 Reasons your home might need a rug

3rd January 2019
4 Reasons your home might need a rug

Investing in a rug can be the perfect compromise of getting a new carpet whilst sticking to a budget. Not only can a rug transform the look of your room, it has a number of practical benefits as well. 

Check out our top reasons for getting one today.

Brighten up the room with an eye-catching rug

A dark or dull room can often do with a little colour to brighten it up: rugs are a really easy way to do this. They’re a relatively inexpensive way to inject a little more vibrance to a space, and they can really transform a room with their presence.

Enhance the décor

Whilst rugs can be a good option for a room that feels a bit lifeless, they can also complement the existing décor of a room. If you’ve gone with a specific style, picking a rug to match can help to complete the room.

Less hassle to clean

Rugs are easy to keep clean. If you have kids or pets that sit on the floor a lot, a rug can be a more hygenic alternative to a carpet, as it's quick to pick up and wash.


Hard floors have lots of benefits, but children running across them can create a lot of noise. Rugs are often used as sound insulation and can making your home quieter as well as prettier!

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