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4 Signs you need a new mattress

17th December 2018
4 Signs you need a new mattress

Our mattress experts share their top warning signs for an old mattress

Mattresses are subject to their fair share of wear and tear over the years and there are sure signs that will let you know that yours is past its best. Our experts have shared their advice on how you can tell that your mattress needs replacing, so read on to find out.

Your mattress doesn't keep its shape

Memory foam mattresses are supposed to mould to your body shape, but if they’re not snapping back to their original form, it’s a sign that they’re worn and need replacing. It’s worse still if you have a regular mattress that has impressions in it.

It’s sagging

Sagging of any kind is not a good sign for your mattress, as craters can appear as the springs break down over time. Even if it’s only a couple of inches that the mattress has sagged by, it’s best not to ignore.

It feels lumpy

Often, the padding can move around in your mattress. This can cause lumps and though this is more common in low quality mattresses, it can still cause uncomfortable pressure points.

You’re suffering from allergy symptoms

Over time, your mattress can develop dust mites and other allergens. If you’re noticing that you sneeze a lot when you’re in bed, you may have an allergic reaction to your mattress. Getting a new one can certainly solve this problem.

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