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4 Things to consider with hard flooring

4th March 2019
4 Things to consider with hard flooring

Whether you’re investing in Karndean, vinyl or wood flooring, there are considerations to be made. Different floors have distinct advantages, as our flooring experts explain.

Hard flooring is easy to clean, good for your health and can give your home a classy finish. Not all kinds of hard flooring are the same though: if you’re thinking of going for Karndean, laminate, vinyl or wood, there are benefits to each, so let’s run through a few things to contemplate before investing in a style.

Do you have underfloor heating?

One of the biggest worries of hard flooring is that it can be cold underfoot. One way to counter this is to install underfloor heating, but you should consider the flooring type before you do. Vinyl flooring can be laid over underfloor heating systems but not laid directly onto an electrical floor mat; wood flooring is generally good for underfloor heating, though you should discuss your flooring options with an underfloor heating expert before installation.

Do you want a rug?

If you’re not going as far as to install underfloor heating in your home, a good compromise is to at least get a rug. Rugs can be a great insulator for the floor, but they’re also temporary, so if you choose to get a new one, it’s easier to remove than a carpet. Consider the flooring you’re choosing and go for a complementary rug: minimal rugs look better with Karndean flooring, whilst colourful rugs balance wood flooring.

What does the rest of the room look like?

The overall look of a home is something that’s important to consider but extremely difficult to get right. Most of us accumulate furniture and ornaments that don’t quite fit the décor, but choosing the right flooring is a simple decision to make that can inform the rest of the design decisions you make. Wood flooring is good for minimal interiors, whilst patterned Karndean flooring contrasts a stark kitchen.

How does the natural light affect the floor?

When installing a carpet, most of us will consider the colour as extremely important. But surely, all wood is the same, right? Not necessarily: different textures will have different effects. A light-coloured wood surface however will reflect natural light, making your room look bigger, whilst darker flooring will ground the room more. Think about the rest of the interior and decide what kind of effect you’d like.


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