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How to choose the perfect rug

9th September 2019
How to choose the perfect rug

When you discover the sheer number of rugs for sale, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Before you get lost in a rug spiral, why not have a quick read of our rug buying guide to help you hone in on the perfect choice.

Ask yourself, 'why do I want a rug?'

Rugs are a great way to divide space, add interest, provide comfort underfoot and protect areas of your home with heavy traffic. To make sure your rug is functional as well as decorative, think carefully about why you want to buy a rug. For example, if you want to create a seating area in front of a fire, a thick, fluffy rug is a great option; whereas if you want a rug to keep your toes warm on the dining room flagstones, a fluffy rug may not be very practical as any dropped food will easily get lost in the fibres.

Match the rug to the rest of the room

While practicality and function are important considerations when selecting your perfect rug, it’s visual appeal cannot be ignored. A rug should be chosen to enhance the look of your home and match the rest of the room’s decor. So, if your room reflects the latest minimalist style, try and find rugs for sale that have a plain or understated pattern. Whereas if your room is styled like a beautiful English country cottage, a more traditional rug will help enrich the overall look and feel.

Measure your space before you buy a rug

Imagine, you’ve popped into your local Carpet Barn store to browse our large range of rugs for sale and you spot the perfect one. You excitedly take it home, place it on the floor in the chosen room and unroll it, only to discover it’s much too large for the space. Avoid this annoying situation by measuring the area where you want to position the rug before you buy it (and make sure to note the dimensions in your phone, just in case you spot another great rug when you’re next out!).

A family run company with stores across Dorset and Hampshire, Carpet Barn has a huge selection of rugs for sale which you can either take away or have delivered direct to your door within 48 hours. So, to find your perfect rug, why not browse our full selection online or pop into your local store today?

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