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Why choose artificial grass for your garden?

22nd July 2019
Why choose artificial grass for your garden?

Are you fed up of continually maintaining your grass lawn? Then artificial grass could be the perfect solution for you. Read on to discover why our experts recommend artificial grass for your home.

Artificial grass creates the perfect lawn

Of course, the biggest advantage to installing artificial grass is the incredibly easy maintenance routine. No more will you have to labour to mow, strim, weed and trim your lawn to get it looking perfect but can instead sit back and relax while enjoying gazing at your perfectly manicured garden without having lifted a finger. Another big selling point is that artificial grass is an ideal solution to eliminate the symptoms of those who suffer from allergies like hay fever or grass sensitivity.

Looks like the real thing

With advances in technology, production techniques and materials used to make artificial grass have improved greatly over the years. With the sophisticated finishes now available, artificial grass looks just as real, and often much better, than the real thing and is lovely and soft underfoot so you can be sure children will be safe playing on it. Unlike real, living lawns, artificial grass can’t die and lose its colour which means even when the weather is very dry or there is a hosepipe ban, your lawn will continue to look and feel beautiful.

Artificial grass isn’t just for outside

Artificial grass is incredibly versatile and doesn’t belong just in the garden. As designers began using it to make dramatic statements in office blocks and public buildings, more and more people became aware that artificial grass is a material that makes an attractive and practical alternative to traditional flooring such as carpets and hard floors. We’ve seen it used to make fun playrooms for children (and adults!), used on walls for photo-friendly and decorative ‘flower walls’ and have even seen it on the ceiling for something completely different and memorable.

Carpet Barn are among the South’s leading independent flooring suppliers and are proud of the excellent reputation we have earned over the past 35 years. To learn more about our range of artificial grass, browse our online collection or pop into your local Carpet Barn store today. 

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