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4 Questions you may have about sofa beds

11th January 2019
4 Questions you may have about sofa beds

Our sofa bed experts discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about sofa beds and why they're such a great option your home

Sofa beds are one of the most practical and versatile pieces of furniture that you can invest in. Have you ever had a question about sofa beds? We asked our experts for their advice on how a sofa bed really looks and feels. 

Are they actually comfortable?

The idea of collapsing a mattress in on itself to form a sofa doesn’t sound like the comfiest invention, but our sofa beds are really comfortable to both sit and lie on. It’s easy to forget that you’re sat on a sofa bed when it’s in its sofa mode.

Will I feel a metal bar?

Low quality sofa beds come with low quality mattresses. Often, when mattresses are thin, you’ll feel the metal structure of the bed below you, but all of our sofa beds are of the highest quality and offer supreme comfort to sleep on.

Are sofa beds easy to unfold?

sofa beds are easy to unfold, and you can turn from a bed into a sofa. Over extended periods of time, they can become a little stiff, but that’s nothing that a little oiling of the mechanisms can’t fix.

Are sofa beds easy to clean?

It’s probably easier to clean your sofa bed when it’s extended out, just so that you can get into the tighter spaces. Sofa beds are no different to clean from most other furniture, and require similar cleaning methods.

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