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4 reasons why you may not be sleeping properly

13th April 2018
4 reasons why you may not be sleeping properly

Achieving a restful night’s sleep can be more tricky for some than others, many lifestyle decisions we make in the day can affect our sleep quality at night. If you’re currently struggling with your sleeping routine, our experts have put together four reasons why you may not be getting enough sleep or feeling rested.

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Exercising too late

Do you go to the gym or exercise just before going to bed? This can affect your sleeping habits as exercising speeds your heart rate and generally makes you feel more alert. This is ideal for mornings as it can make you feel more prepared for the day, but at night this could cause issue. Trying exercising earlier so by the time you go to bed, you will have a better chance of feeling tired from your workout and achieving a good night’s sleep.

Drinking too much caffeine

Doctors recommend patients struggling with their sleeping habits to not drink caffeine after noon or 2pm, as this leaves enough time the caffeine to leave your body before bedtime. If this wouldn’t suit your lifestyle, then aim to drink caffeine in the evenings and see if there's a difference in how much sleep you get.

Using technology before bed

Checking work emails, watching TV and browsing social media all keep your brain active, which is why it’s bad to do just before going to bed. It’s important to destress in the evenings as it’s not just good for your sleep routine, its good for your mental health. Maybe try reading a book before going to bed instead of watching a movie, you might be surprised at how quickly you fall asleep later on.

Uncomfortable mattress

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to achieve a restful night’s sleep, but you think it may be due to your mattress then maybe it’s time for a replacement. We offer a wide selection of mattresses, divan sets, bedsteads, headboards, and adjustable beds to suit any stylish bedroom. Browse our collection online or in-store today!

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