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Goals to set for a better night’s sleep

8th January 2018
Goals to set for a better night’s sleep

A third of people living in the UK reported they do not get enough sleep, or experience poor quality sleep regularly. 

With the start of 2018 choose quality sleep as your new year's resolution, your health should always be a priority with NHS results showing regular poor sleep increases chances of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. A good night's sleep is essential to perform at work and also puts you in a good mood, knowing this here are a few goals you should set yourself for a better night’s sleep.

Set a sleep schedule

Setting a nightly routine is the best option to get more sleep and improve sleep quality. A practical sleep schedule that you stick to throughout the week, including weekends, is your best chance of getting a better night’s sleep. Be practical with planning your routine, set realistic time goals and slowly ease into changing what time you go to bed. For example, if you usually sleep at 1 am and try going to bed at 10 pm it’s highly unlikely you will fall asleep on the first night, gradually try sleeping earlier and earlier and eventually you’ll adopt a regular pattern.

Avoid technology before bed

Do you check your phone before going to bed? Watch hours of TV? Browse social media on your laptop? Using devices straight before sleeping keeps your mind active, contributing to poor sleep as the light from technology reduces sleep quality. A study by Deloitte said 58% of people check their phone at maximum 30 minutes before they go to bed, and 50% of 18-24 years olds check their phones at least once in the night. Try leaving at least an hour before sleeping to relax without using any technology devices and see if your sleep quality improves.

Good quality mattress 

No matter how many goals you set yourself in a new sleep schedule a comfortable bed and mattress is a must. If you're thinking of a new mattress visit The Bed Store for a highly-quality replacement. We have a wide selection of mattress brands and types to choose from, that suits your sleeping needs. From adjustable beds to divan sets finding the right mattress for you is key to good quality sleep, check our mattress and bed range online or in-store today!

Contact our team or pop into one of our stores to check out our range of quality mattresses, designed to give you the support you need for a good night's sleep.

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