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7 fantastic ideas for a different new year’s resolution

16th December 2019
7 fantastic ideas for a different new year’s resolution

A new year and decade is the perfect time to make unusual resolutions to help you have a brilliant year, from updating your worn-out carpet to trying new things.

Give your home a makeover

Lots of new year’s resolutions focus on improving our bodies, but our houses are often forgotten about. So, if you’re looking to give your home a much-needed facelift ready for the roaring ’20s, an easy, quick and affordable way to do this is to replace worn-out flooring with brand new carpet or vinyl.

Learn a new party trick

This one isn’t just about impressing your family and friends with a fun and interesting new party trick. It’s about mastering a new skill, whether that’s juggling or learning pi to 50 digits, that will boost your self-esteem and confidence, opening new doors to otherwise undiscovered talents and experiences.

Try a new dish each week

Instead of reaching for the same old pasta meal or curry order, expand your culinary horizons this year by trying a new dish each week. This could be something simple like sampling a new starter from your favourite restaurant to whipping up a new dish from a far-away place in your kitchen. Not only will you discover a whole world of new tastes, but you’ll be giving your body a variety of nutrients that you may have been missing out on before.

Use your ‘best’ things more

How many of us have a ‘best’ dress or a special piece of jewellery we save for special occasions that never seem to arrive? There’s no point having beautiful things if we can’t enjoy them so in 2020, dust off that expensive watch and wear those designer shoes, even if you’ve got nowhere particularly special to go!

Say yes more

Just think how many opportunities and experiences you have missed out on over the years because you’re so used to saying no. Why not start saying yes more this year to get off the sofa and expand your horizons by trying exciting new things and meeting lots of interesting new people?

Everyday acts of kindness

Make the world a little better this new year by carrying out an act of kindness each and every day. This doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture but something simple that helps brighten someone’s day. From making a colleague a surprise cup of tea or letting a car out of a junction to giving some change to a homeless person or offering to carry groceries for someone who is struggling.

Stop procrastinating

We’re all guilty of putting off difficult tasks to tomorrow, and the next day. So, this new year put a stop to procrastinating and get things done. No matter what it is you often put off, from replacing carpet to looking for a new job to taking old clothes to charity, completing these niggle some tasks as soon as possible will give you a fantastic sense of achievement and purpose.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to replace your old flooring for brand new gorgeous carpet, pop into your local Carpet Barn store. With hundreds of different style choices to suit all budgets, you’re sure to find a stylish new look that’s perfect for your home.

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