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8 unusual ideas for how to repurpose your old carpet

16th March 2020
8 unusual ideas for how to repurpose your old carpet

Instead of simply throwing away your old carpet, repurpose it to help reduce your waste and improve your carbon-footprint. If you need a little inspiration, check our experts’ 8 unusual ideas for how to turn your old flooring into something new.

1) Make over your old ottoman

Whether you have an old ottoman that’s looking a little dated or you’ve picked one up second hand and want to give it a new lease of life, you can use old carpet to reupholster it and transform it into a modern piece of furniture that’ll look great in any home.

2) Carpet makes a marvellous cat scratcher

If you’re replacing old carpet that’s been scratched up by your cat and are worried it’ll do the same to your lovely new flooring, never fear. Simply cut out a section of your old carpet, or take scraps from your new one, and safely secure it to a post that’s supported by a stable base and voila, your beloved moggie will have their very own scratching post made out of the material they adore.

3) Keep your windscreen clean with carpet cloths

It’s surprising how easily car windscreens accumulate dirt but there is a secret weapon. Take your old carpet, cut it into handy cloth sized pieces and store them in your glove box along with some windscreen cleaner. When your windscreen becomes caked in dust and grime, simply spray some cleaning solution onto your carpet cloths and give your windscreen a wipe – it’ll be spotless in next to no time.

4) Make new unique car mats

Your old carpet isn’t just effective at mopping up windscreen dirt. You can brighten the inside of your car and help keep it lovely and clean at the same time by making brand new car mats out of your old carpet. They’re fairly easy to make (you can use your old mats as a template or attach your carpet over the top of them) and you’ll know no one else with have them.

5) Create a carpet scrap doormat

Create the perfect welcome to your home by taking your carpet scraps and making a unique, home-made doormat. You can personalise it however you want with special latex paint and if you have a lot of spare carpet, you can make one each for your friends and family as lovely, unusual gifts.

6) Keep your canine cosy with carpet

We’ve talked about how you can use your old carpet to keep your feline friend happy so it’s time for a tip for dogs. You can use your old carpet to line your dog’s kennel so not only will your pup be kept cosy and warm even on chilly days, they’ll also be able to enjoy a lovely, soft surface on which to take a nap.

7) Make a gardening cushion

If you’re throwing away your old carpet, chances are you won’t mind if a scrap or two gets even more dirty. Scrap carpet is perfect for cushioning the knees when gardening so before throwing away or upcycling your old pile, take a few cuttings to keep in your shed ready for when you’re next pottering around the garden.

8) Keep some scrap carpet in your car

Whether your car is stuck in mud, ice or snow, placing a bit of scrap carpet underneath the offending wheel will give you the traction you need to break free and hit the road. So, make sure to cut a few pieces off your old carpet and keep them in your boot, just in case.

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