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Choosing the right mattress for you

6th February 2018
Choosing the right mattress for you

Buying a new mattress for your bedroom can feel overwhelming, with the number of different options available on the market. We are one of the leading mattress providers in the South, and our experts are always on hand online or in store to offer their expertise. 

Choosing the wrong mattress not only can be expensive, it can have a negative effect on your health! That’s why you should know the benefits of a few mattress types we provide that include open coil, pocket spring, memory foam, and latex. If you need more information about The Bed Store’s mattress collection contact our team today!

Types of mattresses 

Latex mattress

This mattress option is filled with latex foam, that has elastic properties that respond to weight, shape and movements, and can easily control body temperature levels so you won't overheat throughout the night. A latex mattress is great if you suffer from asthma or allergies as it’s resistant to dust mites, keeping a clean and healthy environment for you to sleep in.

Open coil mattress

Open coil mattresses are great value for money, and they’re lighter than other mattress options so they’re easy to manoeuvre. This mattress type is also known as open spring or continuous coil, and they contain one long piece of metal wire coiled into numerous springs, this means that they give excellent support due to their firmness. Although an open coil mattress can ‘dip’ in the middle after around 3-5 years, so they’re recommended for children’s or guest bedrooms where beds are used occasionally or will need replacing regularly.

Memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is made with a moldable material that responds to temperature and weight, so it adapts to your exact body shape. This mattress option is ideal if you want a mattress that absorbs your weight and relieves pressure on your joints, so if you suffer from a bad back a memory foam mattress is ideal for you. A memory foam mattress is extremely durable too, so it'll last you many stress-free years without any problems. Browse our collection today! 

Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are made from individual, small springs that are housed in their own pocket of fabric. Each spring moves independently, which means a partner sleeping in your bed won't be affected by your movements throughout the night. A pocket spring mattress caters for two people, the separate springs minimise the risk of two people rolling towards each other due to the firm individual mattress springs. Available in different firmness versions (soft, medium or firm) you can find the perfect mattress for you.

Contact our team or pop into one of our stores to check out our range of quality mattresses, designed to give you the support you need for a good night’s sleep.

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