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How to protect carpet when painting – in 3 steps

25th September 2020
How to protect carpet when painting – in 3 steps

Having to replace your carpet after a DIY painting task gone wrong is a large expense that can be easily avoided by following these simple tips laid out by our carpet and flooring experts. So how do you protect your carpet and flooring when redecorating your walls with paint? It might be easier than you think – here are 3 simple steps.

1. Remove furniture from the room

This a crucial first step – before doing anything to protect you carpets, you should start by protecting your furniture. This will also help to allow plenty of space to move around the room with your painting equipment whilst staying as safe and mess-free as possible.

2. Floors before walls

As a general rule of thumb, you should always cover your floors first before thinking about other components of the room, such as light switches, skirting boards, and of course, walls.

3. Protecting the carpet

Time to think about covering the carpet – for this step you will need to gather the following:
• Newspaper or plastic sheeting
• Masking tape

When you’re ready to paint, start attaching the masking tape to pieces of old newspaper or protective sheets and stick them down along the edges of the skirting board, making sure that they are firmly stuck and there are no gaps left for the paint to fall between the cover and the wall. 

You are now ready to paint.

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