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Wardrobe Buying Guide

Although often overlooked, storage is a key element of your room’s design. Nowhere is that more true than with your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe isn’t just for storing shirts and shoes. Because of its size, your wardrobe’s design has a major impact on your room’s overall aesthetic - a wardrobe that complements the rest of your furnishings will create a calm and consistent flow throughout your room, while a wardrobe that clashes will make your room feel visually disjointed.

Choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom can be tricky. Not only do you need to find one that matches your style, it needs to be spacious enough to store all your clothes, be the right size for your room, and sit within your budget.

Carpet Barn & The Bed Store have been supplying premium bedroom furniture for over three decades. In this guide, we explain all the factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom.


Everyone has different priorities when it comes to storing their clothes and accessories. Some need a wide space to hang up shirts and jackets, whilst others require tidy cubbies for bags and hats. The wardrobe you choose should have the right selection of rails, drawers, and shelves to match your storage requirements.

Consider the layout of your current wardrobe. Do you find yourself stacking shoes haphazardly on top of each other? A wardrobe with multiple drawers and cubbies - like our Chantilly Triple Wardrobe - will let you organise your shoes for easy access. Need extra space for dresses and coats? Opt for a wider wardrobe with a long rail, such as our Marlborough 3 Door Wardrobe.


When choosing the size and number of doors you want your wardrobe to have, think about how much storage space you need, the layout of your bedroom, and your budget.

A wardrobe that’s too small won’t offer enough space to store your belongings, while a wardrobe that’s too big will dominate your room and make navigating it awkward. You also need to make sure your chosen design is at the right price point - larger multi-door wardrobes will cost more than smaller models.

Although many other variations exist, here are the four most common wardrobe design options available:


One-door wardrobes open on a single side-hinged door, either standing on their own or with drawers attached. Although they lack storage space, they make up for it with their compact, space-saving design. This makes them perfect for childrens’ and guest bedrooms.

Example: Woburn 1Dr 1Drw Wardrobe and Warwick Child’s Wardrobe.

one-door wardrobe


Featuring two side-hinged doors that swing open, two-door wardrobes are the perfect middle ground. They offer enough storage space to suit most people, whilst still being compact enough to fit in the majority of bedrooms. This versatility makes them a popular choice for any style of bedroom.

Example: Knightsbridge Midi Wardrobe and Urban 2Dr Wardrobe

two-door wardrobe


If ample storage space is your priority, a three-door wardrobe is the perfect choice. They boast full length rails and usually come with a variety of drawers and cubbies for bags, shoes, and accessories. Because of their size, they make for an impressive focal point and are better suited for larger bedrooms.

Example: Woburn 3Dr 2Drw Wardrobe and Hampstead Triple Wardrobe

three-door wardrobe

Sliding Door

Sliding door wardrobes feature doors that slide smoothly along a track, with one tucking in behind the other. They feature a neat, modern appearance and can come with or without handles. Because their doors don’t need to swing open, they’re also a convenient way of saving space.

Example: Imperial 5i05 Wardrobe and Warwick Sliding Wardrobe

sliding door wardrobe


Looking for something more unique? Consider a doorless wardrobe. They’re ideal if you want to add a sense of openness to your bedroom, or if you want to use your wardrobe for displaying items as well as storing them.

Example: Shanghai Open Shelf Wardrobe and Hong Kong Open Shelf Wardrobe

open wardrobe


Wardrobes come in a countless number of styles and finishes, with the right choice largely coming down to your personal taste. There are a few other things to consider when picking out a style for your room, however:

If you’re replacing an old wardrobe, take a look at the rest of the furniture and decor in your room. A room with rustic furnishings would look best with a traditional wooden wardrobe, like our Buckingham 2 Door Wardrobe. On the other hand, a sleek, ultra-modern wardrobe like our Lynx 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe would fit perfectly in a room with a more contemporary design.

Buckingham 2 Door Wardrobe
Lynx 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe

Choosing a wardrobe with matching furniture is an excellent way to create a sense of unity throughout your room. For example, combining our Riva Rustic Oak Double Wardrobe with the matching Riva Rustic Oak 2 Drawer Nightstands and Riva Rustic Oak 3 Drawer Chest will give your room a charming, consistent aesthetic.

Riva Rustic Oak Double Wardrobe
Riva Rustic Oak 2 Drawer Nightstand

Don’t forget about mirrors! Because you won’t need a separate stand-alone mirror to go alongside it, a wardrobe with a mirrored door - like our Sherwood 2 Drawer Mirror Wardrobe - saves valuable floor and wall space. It also creates the illusion of more space, giving your room a more open feel.

Sherwood 2 Drawer Mirror Wardrobe

Browse Our High-Quality Wardrobe Range

Looking for wardrobe inspiration? Take a look at our wide range of premium standalone wardrobes, designed to take your bedroom’s design to the next level.

Browse our selection of 390+ wardrobes online, or visit us in store to see the quality of our wardrobes up close. With competitive pricing and free delivery within 20 miles, you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Whether classic or contemporary, two-door or sliding, we’re sure to have the dream wardrobe for your bedroom.

Shop our wardrobe range online or in store today!

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