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How to sleep better during summer nights

10th May 2018
How to sleep better during summer nights

With brighter evenings and earlier mornings, it can be difficult to get a full eight hours of sleep. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear that the average person gets 6 hours and 19 minutes of sleep a night in Britain. 

A survey conducted by Lydia Atkinson, Buyer for Air Care and Cleaning at Sainsbury’s found that out of the 2,000 people she asked, 38% stated they never get 8 hours sleep, while 62% said they do but for only two nights a week.

Limited exercise, eating late and using technology are a few of the reasons you can struggle to sleep. The research found 85% of people taking part in the survey said they feel rejuvenated after having a good quality night’s sleep - but what seems to be the issue? Work commitments and stress seem to be playing havoc on our sleep cycles. Sunday is the day of the week where adults get their worst night’s sleep, whereas Friday is the best. The warmer weather is also affecting our sleep routines. As our bodies are programmed to wake when the sun rises and sleep during darkness, so during these brighter evenings it can seem difficult to feel tired.

The main steps to undertake is maintaining a regular sleeping schedule, keeping a comfortable room temperature, and blocking out any sunlight. During summer nights the temperature in your property can get incredibly warm. This will affect how you sleep, so make sure to open your windows throughout the day, or purchase a fan to keep your bedroom cool.

Things you can try to get a good night’s sleep 

  • Install blackout curtains/blinds in your bedroom 
  • Don’t use technology straight before going to bed
  • Use a white noise machine to create peace and quiet
  • Stick to a sleeping schedule 
  • Ensure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature

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